Multiplayer Virtual Reality

Multiplayer virtual reality has the power to make us feel present not only in a virtual space, but also close to the other participants.

Immersive Virtual Reality for Teambuilding

A multiplayer immersive virtual reality application with 3 collaborative mini-games. Players in virtual reality and on tablet. A unique and fun experience for up to 12 players.

VR Teambuilding

Immersive multiplayer virtual reality.
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Collaboration and virtual presentations

Virtual presentations and collaboration don’t have to be complicated. With Hi:Place, in two minutes a team from around the world can meet in a room or amphitheater and congregate, with a giant screen for presentations.


Virtual collaboration and meetings for VR, PC and mobile.
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Fire prevention and safety drills

The FireDrill VR application allows simulations of a fire situation with up to three users simultaneously, each having several different responsibilities.

Virtual Reality Simulations

Immersive, risk-free training, multiple responsibilities, multiplayer.