More efficient training and risk-free drills

Using virtual reality in training has been shown to generate better results, faster. In the context of drills, it allows for repetition and testing of knowledge, without any risk to the trainee or equipment. It is also possible to collect metrics from the simulations to optimise the learning process. 

Work in Confined Spaces

Working in confined spaces carries a number of very serious risks, and implies great discipline in complying with a large number of procedures and rules.

This virtual reality application allows you to safely simulate the procedures to be followed before and during entry into a confined space.

Fire Safety

Fire safety training is mandatory. This application allows you to conduct simulations with up to three trainees simultaneously, each of whom must perform a certain sequence of tasks.

Paint Booth

A virtual reality application that allows you to simulate some of the procedures to be followed when using a spray gun and paint booth.

Looking to optimize you company's training?

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