Virtual Tours with 360º Photography

Hotels – transparency and trust

The 360º virtual tours allow you to show your guests the complete facilities from different angles in 12K HDR photography. It allows users to walk through every part of the building and get to know the entire hospital complex in detail.. Guests will get to know the facilities before they arrive at the hotel.

A 360° virtual tour allows you to show the amenities offered by the hotel and inspires the necessary confidence to increase the booking rate.

Universities – getting to know the campus

Entering higher education is a milestone in the lives of students, and an experience that causes some anxiety.

A virtual tour is the best way to introduce the campus, departments and facilities in general.

Companies and institutions – presenting facilities and attracting talent

The office is often a second home. Ideal both for job fairs and for posting on the website, our virtual tours ensure that potential candidates know that where they are going to work is a plus point.

Platforms and Technologies:

  • 12K HDR photography, rendered in cubemap format
  • Web technologies, easily integrated with any website
  • Oculus Go, Pico G2 4K, Oculus Quest, PC, smartphone, tablet
  • Uses the gyro on supported smartphones