Turn-key Virtual Reality Solutions


Virtual presentations and collaboration don’t have to be complicated. With Hi:Place, in two minutes a team from around the world can meet in a room or amphitheater and congregate, with a giant screen for presentations.

FireDrill VR

Training in fire safety is mandatory. The FireDrill VR application allows you to perform fire drills with up to three users simultaneously, each having several different responsibilities. For training companies, it is the ideal method to evaluate trainees in a real situation simulation.


In a medieval world inhabited by aggressive peanuts, the 42nd Medieval Games will kick off. Choose your peanerd and your weapons, and put yourself to the test in this immersive virtual reality game.

ConfinedSpaces VR

Working in confined spaces is dangerous, and very demanding in terms of safety procedures that must be followed. The ConfinedSpaces VR application allows you to simulate the development of several tasks in different confined spaces, without any risk to the trainee.